Famous  from The "Autobiography of a Yogi"  the Siddhashram is part of the Legend around Haidakhan Baba. He visited many times this place when He was still in His body, around 100 years ago and meditated there in a small hut with a small Dhuni.

Later Sri Mahendra Baba also came to this place on His journey through the Kumaon area to find Sri Babaji who appeared to Him, when He was a little child. Here He made His Tapassya and made so much Tapssya that one night Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba appeared to Him.

The legend says that Babaji was so impressed from the Devotion of Mahendra Baba, that He gave Him a free wish. Mahendra Baba wanted only "The Blessings Of Him, Of Bhagvan."

This touched so much Haidakhan Baba's heart that tears in His eyes came up after Mahendra Baba said this wish.


Yattra to Siddhashram

The Kutir of Mahendra Baba where Sri Babaji appeared to Him.

The Siddhashram is on the way from Chilianaula to Almora and around 35 km fare away from here. The way is beautiful through the mountain area with all the forest and the small villages and the mountains who are "watching" about Sri Babaji's area, called Kuamon. It's a small Yattra and my suggestion to everybody to enjoy this Divine place.

This place has a magic flair and there is much BABAJI