The problem here is the missing reistance, the action against and the following of Babaji's Teachings who is telling us what we have to do.

"The new world begins here" He said and still I am searching for the new. There is no new here, nowhere. There is only old. Old devotees who speak about the past, hierarchic structures made by people and I and MY ... but no consciousness about ecologic problems, of making Haidakhan clean again.

We are burning now the plastic in which your organic food was packed when you brought it ... so crazy.

What can we do? How we can start the new here? of course this new is a spiritual level. But to bring plastic, to consume plastic is not really the way of Dharma.

Mother India is a Devi and you would never throw your trash on an Asana for the Devi, but the world is her Asana and we all have to find a nice way to live in Haidakhan in a true style. True style is also to see this, to get the ful view and not this "I come only for few days and don't see whats behind" mentality which makes the world to what it is.

There is no excuse to come here and spoil India, spoil Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham and there is no reason to not solve this problem. The problems of 'I want a good room' we get solved, so why not a 'real problem' ???