It's up on you to follow this system and to get the fruits from it or to go another way, we are free. Here in Haidakhan we serve Babaji's way with the highest yoga, the Karma Yoga and the bliss of simplicity instead of costly seminars or workshops or workshop-weeekends or holidays. Here you get the full bliss in following the world famous Message from The Himalayas, The Teachings of Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba ... (the power of love)

The truth is number one is His system and we should think and do and live this truth, from this the simplicity is coming which is really very simple, sometimes too simple for our complicated constructed minds that we don't get it, but the Grace of Sri Sri Mahaprabhuji will guide you to the impossible things in your life ..

The Love is the result from following this first two steps and the Love is universal, is going to all and the Love is firing the life with the needed heat to overcome the frustration of the modern society which needs this unhappiness to make you to a consumer, a freak in the world of more and more and more ..