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He was a golden example in realisation of Sri Babaji‘s Teachings and showed us again and agin how this system is working. The Maha Muniraj was very little in His kind of seeing Himself and showing this to others in inspiring those ones who really looked at Him and got inspired to try His way of being ... little.


Sri Maha Muniraj ki Jai

I remember one time we were in a school for a meeting of a commitee discussing some solutions for the city Haldwani and after this we all went to His car. A very old man was also walking wuth us and Sri Munirajji surrendered to ,the speed‘ of this old man. When we arrives at His car He offered this old man to take Munirajji‘s seat and after some no‘s and yes‘ the man sat down. We went through Haldwani and arrived to the place where the man could go out of the car. Sri Muirajji was all time sitting directly behind His seat, our seat for the servants to be quickly out of the car and help Him to leave the car. After this man left the car Munirajji was not able to get out because the seat was so narrow to the front seat, that there was no way out. First we had to move the front seat and than Guruji could get out.

This means that Guruji sat all time without saying anything on a place where it was not spossible to sit and first oddered His ,Guru Asana‘ to this old man and than sat there and didn‘t complain about it ...

Another thing our beloved Guruji did was to keep down all the bad elements, the lazy ones and the proud ones and the crazy ones, He kept them all away from Haidakhan and nowadays they are coming back to enter this holy Ashram in the Kumaon mountains.

With all tricks, mostly lies, they enter now the forbidden territory and make what they should not make. We all can see now what all was done from our beloved Guruji, where He all ,has His fingers‘ and attention and how to arrange with those people. The problem today is that there is nobody with such a big authority like Sri Sri Maha Muniraj Maharaj.

Babaji is back on earth, already for years, but is not outing Himself in His ashram Haidakhan and do we really search for the real reason that He doesn‘t appear until today?

Sri Munirajji integrated all of us in a community under His Divine presence and guidance and we all were quite focussed to Him and His charisma was so much shining that those bad influences could not get such a big ground like they can get today.

One of the most impressed thing and aspects of Sri Munirajji was His devotion and his clear focus to Babaji. Every day He did hours of Puja and when already all those ones who visited Him during japa in His temple to do their part, when all those were already on the terass and getting chai, Guruji was still busy with reading His texts or doing His japa tapssya. This impressed me very much and quickly i learned that this was the best moment to enter His temple to sit with Him together. Than it was empty and than we were alone.

The blessing you got during these ,alone with Him times‘ all those still remeber who were there and did this together with Him. Some people thought He was only a chairman, a very good devotee who got some honour to be the boss of this group, few saw Him like a Guruji and only very very few discovered His real greatness. It was not possible to discover this, He showed Himself to those ones who coud stand to sit closed to such a ,magic man‘ ... wonderful.

Today two years ago, when I got a phone call to my room in Nanak Hotel in Haldwani and the Nanak Boss told me ,Munirajji has gone‘ ... i discovered that now the time has started to live what He showed me, to live His Teachings.

Day by day i am again and again happy that i am never alone, that i can feel so much Him and His guidance is wonderful. Of course i miss His phantastic voice and the warmness which was around Him, i miss His smile and His directly response on my leelas, but if you go down with your speed and get silent ...

If you bow down and if you surrender to the good, the God, if you feel your heart and take this as your focus and your ,order-giver‘ you are still together with



Sri Babaji:

"Whoever touches Munirajji's feet touches my feet."