Durga Devi


The DurgaSapta Sati is dedicated to the different aspects of The Mother and the last part is dedicated to Mahasarasvati, who is the annihilator of the demons shumbh and nushumbh.

Here, the Gods, who have been greatly tormed by the atrocities of the demon king Mahishasur are led by Lord Brahma to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and relate their predicament to them. The Gods request Lord Vishnu and LordShiva to help them by slaying the evil Mahishasur. On hearing their sad tale, a bright light emanates from The Divine beings of both Lord Vishnu as well as Lord Shiva.

A mights light also comes out of the beings of all other Gods. Their lights come together to form a glorious body of a female that is the mighty Goddess Durga. She has eighteen arms and is seated on a Lotus flower. Her grace, glory and power are matchless. Consequently, the Gods begin to adorn Her with ornaments, weapons and powers as their Divine gifts. Lord Shiva presents Her with one of His tridents which is a symbol for disciplining the three-fould qualities of the illusionary Universe.

Lord Vishnu gifts Her a ,chakra‘, Lord Brahma presents Her with a ,kammandal‘ which is a vessel for holding the holy water. Varuna presents Her with a conch, the Himalaya gift Her a Lion and similarly other Gods too present the Goddess with various other Divine gifts. Henceforth, the Goddess who is adorned with mighty powers and invicible weapons slays the demon Mahishasur who is an embodiment of evils like lust, greed and anger.

The Gods celebrate Her triumph by singing Her praises and b showering flowers petals on her! They humbly ask Her to bless them and to kindly come to their rescue whenever any trouble befalls them. The Goddess also slays the demons Shumbh and Noshumbh (who symbolize the evil traits of ,I‘ and ,My‘) and the joyous Gods celebrate Her victories!

Jai Sri Sri Haidakhandeshvari Ma Ki Jai !!!

It is stated that: The letter

,D‘ in Durga stands for the annihilator of demons,

,U‘ represents the destroyer of obstacles,

,R‘ destroys any and all diseases,

,G‘ is a destroyer of sins,

,A‘ destroys all fears and enemies ...

taken from the booklet:

The Glorious Advent And Andornments Of Goddess Durga  

by Acharya Mayapati Shastri