We started on Eastern Sunday this leela asking for money because we providing livestreams from the ashram ceremonies and if you get you can easily give something to keep the circle of giving alive.

The collected money is seeable on this paypal money pool and this money will be managed by Sara who is living here in Rieferath since more than 35 years.

She will give this money to the "poor ones" and there will be a book for the expenses which can be seen and we will publish this here also on planetbabaji.com in the category "Dorftratsch" ...

The idea of crowdfunding: We don't need much from few, we need little from many .. so, please give little .. Phuro !!

there are two ways to send money. Here is no.1:

thank you for support
thank you for your love

or use this link: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8obIF5sRFv

No. 2: send money to my private bank account. This money will be sended to the money pool where you can see your name and the ammount ...

we collected already 444,44€