absolutely new s

actual new for me is my beloved karma yoga to cook food for Sri Sri 1008 Sri Haidakhan Wale Baba, for Babaji and this is offered to Him in the temple.

My Guruji, Sri Maha Muniraj told me to cook in the ashram and this I did in Haidakhan and now here in the ashram kitchen of Bhole Baba Ashram Germany. www.babajiashram.de

New is the wonderful summer here around us, the country side offers fresh nights and good sleep and the day is hot and the plants are crying for water. I heared it and now it is my karma yoga to take care of water.

Thanks to a German doctor who donated a watersystem for the rose flowers and Dahlien flowers which are the karma yoga of Sara who is doing this since many many many years and because with her just fresh 87 years she can not take care anymore but also wants to have a quiet sleep and a water system which keeps the flowers shining is one klick and it is done, the pressure and the water atOMs are doing the rest. projects, financed frOM private persons are very quick done because of this short way, some dreams cost money and so ...

the next project will be to finish the wooden children house here which is now covered from ugly plastic and the dream is to make the roof green for producing good view and good air.