There are the refugees coming from a totally different life movie with an unknown history and not integrated and not really heartful accepted. We don`t know each other, so we are afraid of each other.

And there are those ones who can´t enter this system of sleeping, working, sleeping or whatever, may be even a lazy one is between, but the happiness is really not very present in the room where we are doing this Suppenküche.

Also second hand clothes are present there, few coming with big trolleys to carry away the "free things" ..

And there is of course the main job of a Suppenküche to make food for those ones who are happy to get a warm meal and me is the lucky one, because there is no meat in the containers of the rich society, the heaven of shopping ..


Behind the golden color of paradise: shopping there is a huge backstage area to fill up this heaven for buyers and also one part where the things are going which are old, after the date, may be broken package or one apple is bad and 5 apples very good .. fishing We are fishing in the trash. The punkopa is fishing "dirt" the thrown aways, sometimes incredible good things to fill up the pots for the poor and enjoy my favourite doing: cooking

There was a big border to overcome the ugly-thinking, the well  programmed habbit from the shopping-society and mind constructs. Normally I would not buy esparagus with some pimpels on the white deluxe-sabhji or to take out the wrotten apple from the pastic and 5 good ones you keep for some horses who get those things, others love the chicken sandwiches and are happy to get them, the veggie things are my harvest, normally there is no meat.

The rich society, the circle of business, of capitalism produces tons of trash, thrown away even for costs and so those companies are happy to give it away for free ..

So, I am the thief with the license to steal, because other punks who go to container, to take it out of the trash containers, is not allowed and people get punished to do this, there is a movement "containern" and there are tons of thrown away things in the container of the shop-world.

There is only a little border to take out food from a "trash pot" and some feeling of asocial is in the air. This border to throw away things is needed to sell it in a "good" condition in the shop for money.

All is one also here in this system. There is no offer without thrown aways . In France its forbidden to throw food away. There will be always enough for the poor ones, trash will never end ...