Original painting by Shri Babaji made in  the late 1970’s.

The sacred tree at Sati Kund, in the Valley of Haidakhan, absorbing the conflagration of the world. This tree, according to mythology, was planted by Sati, Shiva’s wife, at the beginning of time.

It protects the world as a pure, self-sacrificing Being.

We are now starting the next rocket step of doing some-thing for his creation in arranging every friday a devi puja under this holy tree by the Haidakhan pandit.

There is a new installed money pool for this and You can be part of this routine in sending money. If there is more money coming we also will arrange a yearly bhandara for the village children and all will happen under this holy tree.

The most important thing is our common worldwide service our one focus and our unity in this leela and You can be part of it ..