Sri Munirajji was a "silent Guru", not one of those who did spectaculary wonders or shamanic tricks. He always played the top secret Guruji dedicated Himself to Sri Babaji and all "what happened" was of cousre coming from Babaji, but surely not from Him.

I discovered "the magic of Sri Maha Muniraj" in 1991 when I said to my grilFriend "if the Guru is good He does nothing" and in this moment I realized what already all "happened".

A 21 year going on Love stroy started in this moment and the most funny moments were the moments when it was totally clear that "his magic" was working ... then He acted like a little unguilty boy who has nothing to do with it.

Sri Maha Muniraj was the first person in my life I met who could "read your thoughts" with whom you could communicate without speaking. There were many many phantastic moments when these things happened and to communicate with Him was a dialog on the highest level of magic and also of intelligence.

The humor of Sri Munirajji, the different "word-games" we had were incredible moments in my life. He opens me the "door to the heaven", the door which separates us from God, from the "law of love" ... He showed me that there is much more on this world than only bosses, political leaders or other casts who are thinking they can rule over others.

Sri Munirajji was the one who showed me that my revolutionary dreams are possible to realize, the world can be changed, the Mantra Om Namah Shivay is the vibration which creates the underground for a broken ruling caste.

Sri Munirajji was a perfect messenger of the code44, the code with the mistake and He liked to play on different levels to teach us the higher path of love, to give us the chance to see behind the great curtain "Maya".

And He serves everybody at this point where he or she just was. At this point He took His client, His chela or Babaji's chela and guided Him or Her to a different view from where each of us can see with the distance of the Muni the Raja-way, the way of understanding and realization.

Sri Munirajji was the one who put you in situations, that you "see" it or realized it, but never He gives you something what is not from you. He only opened your eyes to realize it and this was and is the authentic system of a good leadership on the way to the higher self.

And now?