Drunken from Divine Love and having glorious times with my Guruji I am still much impressed frOM The Meeting With The Truth: Sri Maha Muniraj

Sri Maha Muniraj Maharaj left His body, the person Trilok Singh died and the Golden Spirit of Our Master is everywhere.

During the creamation cremenony when I was busy to run around for getting the best spots there were many many many yellow butterflies flying aorund and made me smile.

Lord Dattatreya's colour in form of Butterflies, the smoke of the burnt fire, His ex-body changed to smoke and later into the water of the Ganga and the butterflies around the fire ...

The moments of the burning were holy indeed, this was a very special moment. God's body burnt on a huge wooden fire ... changing the elements and the colours, changing the smell and the smoke, giving the high energized body and the form: the no form.

The form went into the formless form, the formless Master went into the form of no-form. God Himself changed in minutes, in hours into the nothing ...

And the feeling of Love and connection and the love and the love and the love went more and more up, it was a golden fire of love which gives golden butterflies in a small valley with a roaring river speeding around the holy moment.


Now, He or it or this, is one with us. There is no border anymore of mind, structures or imaginations, of language problems or other blocks. Guruji's energy is present like always, I see Him, there is no difference to the times before.

And if you really, really truely look or listen to or in your heart: He is here.

You feel Him

You hear Him

You smell Him

You live Him

You are Him

And if you really, really truely look or listen to or in your heart:

He is here.