From time to time I will write more and more and this will get a special, a new blog. My dream was always to tell this to all those ones who can not get in contact with God in fulfilling some form or whatever, the word God is so misused, that God is nearly out.

People in the west are leaving the churches and the dollar gets more and more the Guru of the world. But few, few ones have an open heart to listen to phantastic stories in a different language about the discovering of code44 and Om Om Telephone in the jungle of Maya.

My right way was done with wrong information, the punk finds his way through the formless form, through the jungle of tricks which Sri Sri Mahaprabhuji putted around a top secret system, the system of truth, simplicity and love ...

Code44 is working in two directions, you can use Him right and you can use Him wrong, this belongs on you. The wrong way will give you results, the right way also. It's your choice what you choose.

Sri Babaji said: "There is nectar and poison on this world, why everybody chooses the poison?

Yes, why?

Why we choose the way of Ego, of power, of selfish being? Why we do what is not good, not for us and not for the world ? Why ?

Simplicity start in the mind. Babaji's system is so easy, so simple and so basic that many of our complicated tuned minds doesn't get The Message.

The Message is nothing complicated, it's free of cost of rituals of everything:

The Message is:




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